In Andalusia for Holy Week

20 March 2016

In Seville, the week before Easter, the warm Spring air is scented with orange blossoms, candles and incense. This is how Holy Week in Seville announces its presence to travellers. The sweet, inebriating scent of over twenty-five thousand orange trees that line the streets of the city and mingles with the smell of hot wax dripping from the thousands of candles and that of the pungent cloud of incense which accompanies the religious processions.

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Calle Rodo is a narrow street in the El Arenal neighbourhood. This is one of the most characteristic areas of the city on the River Guadalquivir. Hundreds of people, locals, tourists pilgrims and believers line the streets anxiously waiting for the passage of the Paso de Jesús Despojado de sus Vestiduras. Slowly, the street opens up dividing the crowds as one of the many floats that evoke the passion of Christ, passes through.