Junkanoo, in the Bahamas for the most colourful anthem to life

dicember - january

Nassau, Bahamas


A parade with thousands of people divided by costume and scenic background. Multicoloured scenery in sponge and papier-mâché with precious materials like silk and sequins. It is all accompanied – from two at night until ten in the morning – by a harmonious background music with goatskin drums, whistles and cowbells. Acrobatic “Rush outs” by thousands of dancers in bright costumes who pirouette and do somersaults among the spectators who are in raptures.

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No, we’re not in Rio de Janeiro but in Nassau in the Bahamas for the Junkanoo, the national festival that takes place on three nights of the year, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. But in the midst of all this “junk”, of this melee of colours, sights sounds, vibrancy and smells, it is the funk which stands out making Christmas in Nassau, Freeport and other towns in the Bahamas an unforgettable trip through the senses.