Valborg Night, in Sweden for the beginning of Spring

april - may

Stockholm, Sweden

stoccolma, santa valpurga, svezia

There’s always a motive to take off and leave everything behind. There’s always a reason to leave for a distant destination, for us Mediterranean people, inclined to smile, to reach that opposite, pensive world of Northern Europe.

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There are always reasons for major, or minor, upheavals. But there is one night more than any other, a time and a place: the night between the 30th April and 1st May in Sweden. Valborg Night. Once upon a time it was a pagan rite when the witches came out in the open. Now it celebrates the end of winter and the arrival of Spring. People gather together around large bonfires watching others all along the valley and enjoying the thousands of dancing colours in the sky from the fireworks. But this is not all.