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Eventrip …live it for real!

There are many popular ways to discover and get to know new cultures and peoples. The simplest and most immediate is through travel.

Anyone can do that but we have chosen to experience them through local events.

When a place creates or celebrates an event that has deep roots which are steeped in its culture it brings out the true nature and the soul of those who experience it.

We take you there, right to the heart of the event to experience it as an intimate moment of encounter and participation.

Eventrip is a web-magazine. But above all it is a means for discovery and encounter. You can “explore the event” making the enterprise purposeful, meaningful and unforgettable.

To experience this journey and to be there at that point in time, together with the incomparable community that has gathered, is something unique and special.

Experience the event.

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Eventrip uses professional journalists and experts in various fields.

Eventrip’s Tour Operator partners put together individual tailor made itineraries based on the overall accessibility of the event.